Extracting competitive advantage for mining & metals

Mining presents unique safety and operational challenges, with operations situated in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Mining operators must prioritise human health and safety. Machines must be maintained rigorously to ensure reliability, while infrastructure and equipment must be proactively inspected to prevent unexpected failure. Then there are concerns about ecological impact and sustainability, as well as the need to keep costs low in a competitive environment.

How can mine owners and operators continue to delve for precious resources to power sustainable growth while confronting key safety, reliability and environmental challenges?


ATINUM empowers mining with next-generation monitoring, control and process optimisation.

Predictive Maintenance

Human Health & Safety

Process Optimisation

Drone Surveillance & Monitoring

Remote Operations

Big Data & AI Insights

Atinum delivers the connectivity, AI, and Industry 4.0 solutions to help mining & metals clients make the right decisions faster while improving safety and sustainability.


Industry solutions for metals & mining

As the mining industry becomes more complex, Atinum helps clients prepare for Industry 4.0 with AI-enabled platforms that deliver solutions to key challenges. That’s in addition to industry automation and cutting-edge robotics that boost productivity while keeping humans safe.

Our IoT solutions combine ATEX Zone 1 certified sensors with AI and big data to unlock performance and prediction insights. Our roster of industrial support services include drone inspection and surveillance to identify early signs of wear, corrosion-detection and IoT-enabled predictive maintenance. Whatever your challenge, Atinum brings together the right hardware, software and industry expertise to find the answer.

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