Drone services

Reaching the unreachable

Enabling remote inspections and monitoring for offshore assets and hard-to-reach infrastructure

Our drone services are designed for access to, and inspection of, hard-to-reach physical infrastructure.

From offshore plants to confined spaces, our state of the art drones deliver unparalleled access to areas that humans find hard to reach. They are ideal for locations and environments hazardous to humans. Even for standard plants and infrastructure, drones unlock the benefits of speed, accessibility and lower cost, along with improved human health and safety.

We also offer precise 3D mapping services that are far faster and more accurate than traditional surveying.

Drone Inspection

ATINUM’s drone services bring smart inspection, surveillance, remote access and predictive maintenance capabilities for crucial, yet hard to reach, infrastructure.

Remote Access

Easy Surveillance

Drone Surveys & 3D Mapping

Enabling Predictive Maintenance

Hi-Res 4K Video

Ideal for Inaccessible Environments

Early Failure Detection

Progress Monitoring

Improved Health & Safety

Low Operating Costs

Atinum’s cutting-edge drones deliver accuracy, access and safety like never before, making land mapping and the inspection of hazardous or hard to reach infrastructure easy and cost-effective.

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