Industrial IoT

Enabling Industrial IoT

Bringing machines, analytics and people together for peak productivity

Our Industrial IoT services create new connectivity and analytical capabilities from existing hardware and infrastructure assets.

We bring together machines, ATEX Zone 1 certified sensors, cloud computing and powerful AI engines to enable smart manufacturing, real-time asset health monitoring, and the ability to schedule predictive maintenance.

Our clients gain full visibility and control over mission-critical equipment, while improving industrial processes and reducing the risk of costly business disruption because of asset failure.

Industrial Iot

ATINUM brings smart monitoring, connectivity and analytics to existing plants and pipelines. Our sensors are ATEX Zone 1 certified for safety, compliance and performance.

Asset Management

Predictive Maintenance

Automated Alerts

Remote Management

Smart Manufacturing

Safety Monitoring

Atinum delivers cutting-edge smart capabilities to existing assets and machinery. Gain full control over your processes and safeguard against costly failures that can disrupt your business.

Our Solutions

Sound Based Failure Prediction

Forecast equipment failure and schedule maintenance before it causes business losses. Our Sound-based Failure Prediction monitors sound and vibration data in real time, combining this data with an AI engine to deliver early warning notifications for possible machine failures.

Think of it as a technological safety net over your mission-critical assets, keeping them at peak performance and preventing business interruption through unexpected failure.

Industrial Iot


Predictive maintenance reduces failure costs

Productivity gains as assets are kept in peak condition

Easy to install and operate

AI engine improves with every minute it is run

Sensitive measurements with ATEX Zone 1 certified devices

Durability in high-temperature environments

Corrosion Detection & Monitoring

Monitor pipe corrosion in real time to keep critical pipelines in good health. Our Corrosion Detection & Monitoring solution relies on sensitive ultrasound to constantly monitor pipe thickness — which is an excellent indicator of corrosion.

Move away from intermittent manual inspections to automated real-time monitoring and early detection. Ensure successful corrosion prevention and predictive maintenance to boost productivity and lower your costs.

Industrial Iot


Incredibly precise real-time monitoring with ATEX Zone 1 certified sensors

Predictive maintenance instead of reactive

Better pipeline health for performance and reduced costs

Reduce the risk of business disruption

Improve safety and regulatory compliance

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